Tie Kuan Yin tea how to brew?

Tie Kuan Yin tea how to brew?

Ti Kuan Yin, adored by many people like light oolong tea. If you pour boiling water over it, the taste will be so-so, expressionless, and weak. But if you figure out how to brew Ti Kuan Yin correctly, you will get pleasure, benefit, and an interesting tea state from tea drinking. Brewing oolong is quite simple, but it is important to know the nuances.

In this article, we will help you figure out the subtleties. You will find out in which dish it is better to cook Ti Kuan Yin, how to brew it correctly, and how many spills one portion can withstand.

How to brew Ti Kuan Yin - dishes and water

A high-quality Ti Kuan Yin will come to you in a vacuum package. We store the tea in the refrigerator and pre-pack it before shipping. This keeps the tea fresh and tasty. Print out the Ti Kuan Yin bag, we will tell you how to brew it now. But first, prepare the dishes and water.

Brewing utensils

For oolongs, the temperature of the water is important, so the teapot should keep warm well. Dishes made of ceramics, porcelain, Yixing clay (but always of high quality) are suitable.

 If you have not yet figured out how to brew Ti Kuan Yin tea in spills, we recommend using the teapot (easy pot). Glass does not absorb odors, transparent walls allow you to admire the opening of tea leaves. The filter retains the leaves and prevents them from overcooking. And, of course, the push-button drain system makes brewing easy - convenient and simple.

To prepare oolong in a regular teapot, you will also need a strainer. With the teapot, you can arrange express tea drinking, with ordinary dishes it will be a little longer.

Brewing water

There are two requirements for water - quality and temperature:

  • Spring or soft drinking water is ideal. Oolong is delicate and harsh impurities will affect its taste, "soda" notes may appear. How to brew Tie Guan Yin if you only have tap water? Pour it into a separate container in advance, let it stand, and only then boil.


  • The main answer to the question of how to brew Ti Kuan Yin properly is a water of a suitable temperature. Pour boiling water over light oolong. Let the boiled water cool to 80-90 ° C. After that, it is better to pour it into a vacuum tea infuser to maintain the desired temperature. It is undesirable to reheat water, as well as to boil for a long time.

Step-by-step cooking Tieguanyin, how to brew in any dish with spills: 


  1. Boil water. Do not let it boil over - as soon as large bubbles begin to rise, turn it off. More oxygen will remain in the water.
  2. Preheat the teapot. This will help keep the cookware warm. Fill with water, rinse, drain.
  3. Put the oolong tea in the teapot, 6-8 grams per 100-150 ml. But there are no clear rules. Try varying your concentration and, over time, you will figure out how to brew Tie Kuan Yin so that the strength suits you. Shake the teapot with dry tea. Don't forget to open the cap and breathe in the scent of the oolong - that's something!
  4. Rinse the tea. For this, the first strait is intended, which is not drunk. The water is poured so that it covers the tea leaves. After a few seconds, drain. Dust goes away, Ti Kuan Yin steamed and brewed better.
  5. The first spill - fill with water, close the lid, wait about 15 seconds. If you have a type, press the drain button. If a regular teapot, pour the infusion into the glass mug or pour it directly into bowls.
  6. Second and further straits - repeat the previous step. Pour in water, wait, drain, pour into cups. Increase the holding time gradually to a minute. But make sure that bitterness does not appear in the infusion.
 How much to brew Ti Kuan Yin? Quality oolong will withstand at least 7 spills. At first, it is just beginning to show itself. The leaves open and by the end of the tea party fill the teapot. Pour water over the oolong until it tastes full.

If this is your first time drinking Tieguanyin tea, you will understand how to brew so that oolong tea is delicious. The infusion seems weak - increase the concentration and infusion time, too strong - soak a little less. The main thing is to drink oolong tea without haste, listen to the notes of aroma, and your condition.

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