Pu-Erh properties - 16 points of benefit

Pu-Erh -

Pu-Erh properties - 16 points of benefit

The Chinese are very attentive to physical and emotional health. It is one of the reasons why they drink Pu-Erh with such pleasure - it is healthy. Not only pleases with taste but also invigorates, clarifies thoughts, strengthens the immune system, and cleanses the body of toxins.

In our tradition, this tea is still exotic, so it is overgrown with speculation. For example, about what "inserts" or intoxicates. In this article, we will tell you what the effect of Pu-Erh tea is and what exactly is its benefit.
 Pu-Erh tea - the effect depends on the age

Green varieties are best drunk young and fresh. Pu-Er, especially Shen, is a different story as it grows up and tastes better. The properties of Pu'Erh also change, the tea continues to ferment and this affects the chemical composition.

  • Young Pu-Erh tea has twice the number of polyphenols compared to mature. The concentration of amino acids is almost four times higher. Also, the invigorating effect of short-aging Pu-Erh is more noticeable.
  • Aged tea contains many more polysaccharides, which are important for immunity, heart, and blood health.
If you want to quickly wake up after a weekend or a stormy party - brew a young Pu-Erh, a few bowls will drive away drowsiness. Use the beneficial properties of aged Pu'Er to strengthen the heart, blood vessels, and the body's ability to resist infection.

What effect do you expect from Puerh?
This tea has many beneficial properties, the main ones are listed below.

Pu-Erh TeaPu-Erth Tea

 Why Pu-erh Is Good: A Vigorous Effect For The Mind And Body

Sheng Pu-Erh is more than a thousand years old and its benefits were written in ancient treatises. The Chinese people believe in the healing power of Puer, the effect of enlightenment and healing. They describe its properties in at least 16 points:

  1. Reduces sleepiness (少 眠, shao mian). There is caffeine in the tea leaf and it is who determines the invigorating effect of Puer. But, unlike coffee, it acts softer and longer.                                                                                               
  2. Soothes (安神, an shen). Drinking Pu-erh in moderation and regularly can help you cope with the stress of the day.                                                          
  3. Clarifies the mind (清 头, qing tou). That is why we advise those who are engaged in mental work to drink Shu and Shen, and not coffee. Even Tibetan monks appreciate the enlightening properties of Pu-erh.                    
  4. Improves vision (明目, ming mu). Quality tea will not cure eye diseases, but it will help to avoid them as long as possible.                                                   
  5. Relieves fever (减 热, jian re). To do this, drink Pu-Erh tea without sugar and additives, do not brew too hard.                                                                        
  6. Refreshes (消暑, xiao shu). A good cup of Pu-Erh will cool you on hot days much better than coke or other soda. Plus, it's not addictive.                           
  7. Neutralizes the effects of poison (解毒, jie du). Chinese Pu-Erh tea with the effect of removing intoxication will help with food poisoning and hangovers.   
  8. Improves digestion (消食, xiao shi). Drink Pu-Erh after a hearty meal, it will relieve the heaviness in the stomach from fatty foods.                                     
  9. Helps sober up (醒酒, xing jiu). If you feel that you have gone over too much and it is difficult to return to normal, Pu-erh will help out, tea with the effect of clearing consciousness will also replace the medicine for the hangover syndrome.                                                                                                          
  10. Slimming (去 肥, qu fei). Tea accelerates the breakdown of fat, so you can quickly cope with excess weight. But if you lean on fast food, spend your days on the couch and rely only on Pu-Erh, what effect can you expect? Have a tea party before walking or exercising and the pounds will go away faster.              
  11. Soothes breathing (下 气, xia qi). The main condition is to drink tea without haste and in small sips.                                                                                     
  12. Relieves dehydration (利 水, li shui). Of course, this does not change the rule of drinking clean water every day.                                           
  13. Strengthens teeth (坚 齿, jian chi). Mainly due to the fluoride in the tea infusion.                                                                                                              
  14. Good for the heart (治 心痛, zhi xin tong). If you drink Pu-Erh tea every day, all organs and the heart will receive a healing effect. At the very least, by lowering cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation.                            
  15. Dulls hunger (疗 饥, liao ji) Pu-Erh is not a substitute for lunch or dinner; drinking it on an empty stomach is generally undesirable. But if you don't overeat and finish your meal with tea, the feeling of fullness will last longer.    
  16. Prolongs life (延年益寿, yan nian yi shou). Pu-Erh contains antioxidants that slow down cell aging. It is not without reason that the Chinese who drink this tea every day remains one of the longest-lived nations.

Now you know which effect of Pu-Erh tea is true and which is fiction. Choose quality tea, drink for pleasure, vigor, and well-being.

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