Which tea is healthier? Black VS Green

China remains the record-breaking country for the production and consumption of tea. But even in the USA, it is difficult to find a family where tea drinking would not have become a habit. Each of us has a favorite variety. But the question of which tea is healthier, black or green, remains open. Let's try to find out?

Which tea is healthier?  Black VS Green

Is green tea really more benefits?

Exactly fans of green teas know which tea is the healthiest - of course, green. It is believed to contain more valuable compounds. Also, the word "green" is associated with "natural" and "healthy", but not everything is so simple.

The benefits of tea are generally due to the high content of biologically active substances. Basic: catechin, tannins, caffeine, theobromine. Tea also contains vitamins and valuable amino acids. Which tea is healthier? The one with more essential components. We will not be able to describe the exact composition of tea in one article, but we will compare the content of the major nutrients in black and green varieties. 

They are most beneficial in natural antioxidants with antibacterial properties. They reduce the risk of tumors, prevent diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, plus slow down aging. 

Due to the weak fermentation in green tea, the polyphenols are preserving. In black tea, which is more oxidized, they turn into thearubigin and flavin. It is why the infusion turns amber brown. At the same time, the antioxidant properties of the drink remain at the same level.

 When deciding which tea is useful for prolonging youth and preventing tumors, you can choose any green or black variety. The effectiveness is the same.


Now let's figure out which tea is useful for cheerfulness. Caffeine is responsible for the tonic effect. In tea, it acts softer, but the feeling of a surge of strength lasts longer. So in green tea, there is less caffeine, 25-50 mg per 100 g. In black tea, up to 100 mg for the same volume. If you want to check which green tea is more useful for maintaining efficiency, try brewing your favorite varieties stronger - there will be differences in the bracing effect, but insignificant. There is more caffeine in a concentrated infusion of large leaf green tea than in a drink with small tea leaves. Most active caffeine is releasing from black crushed tea, packaged in bags.

Both teas contain almost half of the vitamins a person needs: A, B, C, P, PP, E, and others.

Which tea is healthier?  Black VS Green

Vitamin A is good for eyesight. B vitamins help to normalize metabolism, balance the nervous system, lower cholesterol levels, and improve liver function.

Vitamin C helps direct immune cells called neutrophils to the site of infection and defends these cells against free radicals. P makes blood vessels lasting, prevents capillary fragility and glaucoma. PP reduces stress levels and activates recovery processes.

There is more vitamin C in green tea, but in black tea, the concentration of PP is almost 30% higher. Comparing the content of vitamins, it is impossible to say simple which tea is healthier, green, or black. Much depends on the variety, so it is better to alternate teas, and not get carried away with one.

Which tea is healthier?  Black VS Green

 Quality of tea

If you want to find out which green tea is the healthiest, look beyond the variety. Freshness and quality of raw materials are more important.

If the tea is made from leaves that have been grown in organic plantations, it will be beneficial. Usually, these are Chinese varieties with beautiful whole tea leaves: Ti Kuan Yin, Dragon Well, and others. There are no benefits at cheap blends from tea bags.


Which tea is healthier?  Black VS Green

Tea drinking rules

Have you already decided? What is the healthiest tea you will brew?
Drink it right:

  • Do not use tea leaves that have cooled down and a film has appeared on the surface. The stale infusion contains a lot of guanines. In small doses, this substance is safe, but in high concentrations it becomes toxic. It could damage the nervous system, heart, and digestion. It is often asking what tea is good for the stomach. The most accurate answer is freshly-brewed green tea. It has a softer effect on the mucous membrane.
  • Don't drink more than three to four cups a day. Black and green teas are rich in polyphenols and inhibit the body's ability to absorb calcium, iron, and zinc. Besides, over six cups is a dose that has a diuretic effect. If the deficit is not filling with clean water, dehydration can occur. Remember the norm.
  • Caution during pregnancy. If you get too carried away with tea, the excess of catechins will slow down the absorption of folic acid.

 Which tea is healthier?  Black VS Green

Let's sum up

So, there is no winner in the dispute "which tea is good for men and women, black or green". The amount of the most useful substances, catechins, is the same in them. Accordingly, the antioxidant properties are also equal.

The crisp properties of black and green varieties differ, as well as the concentration of vitamins. If you love green teas and want to get energized, go for large-leaved teas.

What is the healthiest green tea? Tea is made from environmentally friendly raw materials. It is better to refuse cheap blends from supermarkets, especially with artificial flavors.

Alternate between different types of tea and drink them correctly - only freshly brewed and no more than 3-4 cups per day.



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