• Tie Kuan Yin tea how to brew?

    Ti Kuan Yin, adored by many people like light oolong tea. If you pour boiling water over it, the taste will be so-so, expressionless, and weak. But if you figure out how to brew Ti Kuan Yin correctly, you will get pleasure, benefit, and an interesting tea state from tea drinking. Cooking oolong is quite simple, but it is important to know the nuances.
  • Rooibos history - African tea

    Rooibos is not tea is a different plant. It does not grow anywhere other than the Cederberg mountain range in South Africa. Attempts to grow Rooibos in other countries have not been successful.

    Rooibos is a shrub with green leaves that turn red after fermentation. Rooibos means from Afrikaans - red bush.

  • Matcha - Mysterious Japanese Tea

    Matcha Ceremonial and Matcha Premium

    ...A Ceremonial Matcha is valued above a Premium Matcha. In the Japanese tea tradition, this tea is closely related to religion. Matcha was originally an aristocratic drink that was served to the upper classes during a meditation ceremony.

    There is a standard for culinary Matcha - this is tea powder, which is added to desserts, baked goods, and lattes. We decided to focus on the higher categories and we don't have one on sale.

  • How does tea grow?

    Did you know that all tea, despite its variety, is made from just one plant?

    Considering that people have been drinking tea for over 5000 years, this is relatively new knowledge.
    Only in 1843, the English botanist Robert Fortune (the one who stole the secret of tea production in China and transferred it to Darjeeling) established that the difference between black tea and green tea lies in processing technologies, and not in the use of different botanical plant species.
  • Classifications in the world of tea

    Historically, the tea classifications received its origin from the British East India Company. The major historical classifications are still being used to this day in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and other former British colonies.