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Coffee Description 

Guatemalan coffees are true Central American coffees. Antigua beans represent all the best qualities beans in this region can offer. For those looking to switch from drinking mass-produced coffee to high-end beans, Guatemala Antigua is the perfect first step. This coffee perfectly toes the line between quality and affordability.

  • Medium

  • Fruity, Chocolate, Full Bodied

  • Hand Harvested - Ethically Traded - Single-Origin

Flavor Notes

Our Guatemala coffee makes a very bright cup with a rich, full-body, a fragrant aroma, and with overtones of dark chocolate, bright fruit, and butterscotch.

Brewing Methods

Order Today / Roasted Today

  • All of our coffees are expertly gourmet roasted and artisan-crafted-to-order in small batches. In other words, you can enjoy the ultimate coffee experience.

  • Firstly, we have a small fleet of roasters at our state-of-the-art facility. We will make every effort to roast each order the same day the order is placing. As a result, most orders are roasted and shipped for 24 hours from Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).

  • Secondly, we never ‘pre-roast to stock’ as most roasters do. You can be sure your order will be custom roasted to your specs only after your order is placing - it will arrive quickly - super fresh - and just the way you like it!


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Fresh Coffee Taste Better

It is a proven fact that freshly roasted coffee taste far better within the first two weeks of roasting. In other words, this is because during the first couple weeks after roasting the aromatic compounds are largely present and bring their excitement to cup flavors. After about the 3rd week after the roast date, the aromatic compounds are beginning to slowly dissipate, causing the tastes to become less exciting in the cup.

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