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Brand: Tealyra


  • Natural Whole Leaf Herbal Tea - Supports Heart Health, Naturally High in Vitamin C. Healthy Hydrating Alternative to Sports Drinks.
  • Whole Egyptian Hibiscus Tea may fight low grade inflammation. Dieters love hibiscus tea since it has shown to lower the body’s absorption of glucose and carbohydrates which may help with weight loss.
  • All Natural. Hibiscus tea steeps up a ruby red infusion, and is pleasantly tart. It has a sour taste very like cranberry juice.
  • Caffeine-free! Rich in Vitamins
  • Comes in zip-lock 14oz / 400g pouch


Refreshing Alternative

Breathtaking hibiscus flowers are not only lovely to behold, but also a healthy ingredient used as an ever-so-popular herbal tea! Consumed traditionally by the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt to help keep cool in the desert, and in Mexico for centuries as an all-natural hydrator.

Hibiscus is pleasantly tart, with a sour taste very similar to cranberry juice. Popular as an ingredient in many iced teas, hibiscus tea is known for being naturally high in vitamin C, and to help lower high blood pressure.

Pure Taste
Our Hibiscus herbal tea produces an instant ruby red infusion, that is pleasantly tart. It has a sour taste very similar to cranberry juice. Try hibiscus tea iced for a refreshing summertime elixir!

Our Organic Whole Hibiscus Leaf tea is pure and natural, without any added flavors or fillers.

Why Tealyra?
We take pride in our high standard of quality; offering authentic true teas direct from origin, organic exclusives, a broad variety, and our own unique blends- created by innovation and the promise to deliver excellence in serving you our finest products.

We are a team of tea lovers! Our hands are matcha-stained; we drink tea, touch tea, talk tea and study tea- all day. From our founders, to those of us who pack your online orders, we sincerely share your passion for tea and stand behind our product to offer you the best there is.

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.4 x 2.0 inches

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